Number Theory (数論)
  1. Prime Number (素数)
  2. Recurrence Equation (漸化式)

Linear Algebra (線形代数)
  1. The sum and the product for the matrix, transposed matrix(行列の和, 積, 転置行列)
  2. The variance and co-variance for the matrix (行列の分散,共分散)
  3. Determinant (行列式)
  4. Inverse Matrix (逆行列)
  5. Solve the Simultaneous Equations (連立方程式の解 )

Ordinary Differential Equation (常微分方程式)
  1. Replicator Equation
      [Symmetric Two Person with Two Strategies]
      [Asymmetric Two Person with Two Strategies]

  2. Fitzhugh-Nagumo Equation

  3. Chaos

     TOOL:  [Liapunov Exponent]

      EXAMPLE -1,   EXAMPLE -2     【How to create a Gif Animation】

      [Logistic Equation, Map]     [Circle Map]     [Henon Map]     [Lorenz Model]

  4. Fractal

      [Koch Curve]     [Sierpinski Gaskect]

  5. Time Lag

      EXAMPLE -1

Partial Differential Equation (偏微分方程式)
  1. Heat Equation(One Dimension)

Probability Theory (確率論)/ Statistics (統計学)
  1. Basic Concepts
  2. Random Walk
  3. Law of Large Numbers (大数の法則)
  4. Central Limit Theorem (中心極限定理)
  5. Individual Based Model
      [Immigration-Emigration Model]
      [Birth-Dealth Model]
      [Logistic Growth Model]

Game Theory (ゲーム理論)
  1. Nash Equilibrium
  2. Rock-Scissors-Paper Game (Janken)
  3. Spatial Prisoner's Dilemma Game (空間的囚人のジレンマゲーム)
  4. Gale-Shapley Algorithm (アルゴリズム)

Agent Based Simulation (エージェントベースシミュレーション)
  1. Agent Based Simulation
  2. Shelling's segregated model (シェリングの分居モデル)

Swarm (For Agent-Based Simulation)
  1. For Beginner (Install, Compile)
  2. Sample Files
  3. Artificial Stock Market

Time Series Analysis (時系列)
  1. Regression Analysis (回帰分析)
  2. Particle Filter, Monte Carlo Filter

The Others
  1. Random Numbers (乱数)
  2. File
  3. Gnuplot (for Visualization)
  4. Sort (ソート)
  5. Frequency Table (頻度分布)

      [EXAMPLE-1] 日経225先物1限月(2009/09)(1分足)
  6. 移動平均 (Moving Average)
  7. Portfolio Analysis (ポートフォリオ分析)



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